The Only Utility Token With Revenue Stream : altcoin


There’s a war waging in the adult entertainment business to see who’s going to corner the market first. While I personally wouldn’t want to own stock that might face palm my friends and family at my funeral. Many people have flocked to these tokens in droves. I found Nafty, which almost snuck by me. It’s euphemism name really implies that you can add to your portfolio without the worry of public humiliation just incase a judge confiscates your cummies. The one thing I look for in a token investment is reflection. As a long term token investor I enjoy riding dips because I believe in the project and have done my research. Nafty is no exception when it comes to pumping a reflection. In reality tokens are a paid promise not delivered. The “project” is what’s going to make the money or launch the token to the moon. In the case of adult utility tokens these groups are paying to write on women’s bodies to boost the price. By the time the project is due their well has run dry so it’s time to bail. When I think of projects I think of brilliant minds that know what their doing. I guess I’m giving these developers a little too much credit but really how long does it take to really make an idea come to life. 1 day? 20 days? How long should it take a utility token to honor their promise of purpose? For a team of genius coder not long. Yet Nafty stands apart from these other tokens. They have claimed their territory by opening their platform to the public and properly monetized it. Naftys tokenomics provide a residual earnings. Not just from reflection but from subscribers. In my opinion Nafty as the underdog has out performed its competition and surpassed it. I have no doubt that investors who hold those other tokens will soon fomo into Nafty sooner or later.

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